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Protesters in McAllen say, "Save the Children"

By Jonathan Salinas

Protesters in McAllen say, "Save the Children"

Several protesters gathered at the corner of 10th Street and Nolana Avenue in McAllen, Thursday. They held placards citing human, child trafficking statistics.

Kassandra Peralez of Edinburg organized the action. She told Únete 956, “a lot of things are not being talked about right now.” Peralez referenced the recent discovery that U.S. Border Patrol agents were trafficking foreign-born children at a Hampton Inn Hotel in McAllen. She was appalled by the news.

Peralez, 20, was joined by her friends, including Cortnie Garza, also of Edinburg. Garza, a local hotel worker, was likewise appalled by border patrol’s trafficking of children. She said she would be on the look-out for similar activity at her place of work.

Kassandrah Peralez and Cortnie Garza bring awareness to child trafficking in McAllen, Texas. 30 july 2020

Throughout labor history, class-conscious workers have warned fellow workers about upcoming attacks against them by the employer-class and the state, as workers serve and wait on the bosses and their government. It’s heartening to see a continuance of this practice, especially in our community.

Other "Save the Children" protests—called by "Operation Underground Railroad," a liberal organization—popped-up around the country, like in Lynchburg, Virginia. Thursday was declared World Trafficking Day by the United Nations.

In the United States, U.S. Border Patrol is a notorious child trafficking agency. Yet, they play an integral part in awareness events, like South Texas College’s annual Human Trafficking conference. One would think from the title of the gathering that the conference opposes human and child trafficking. From its insistence on giving a platform to USBP, the convocation is in part a gathering of the industry's gravest violators.

Joanna Hernandez, of Edinburg, holds placard bringing awareness to child trafficking in McAllen.

Advocates, like those in Lynchburg, call on people to "bring awareness" by reaching out to politicians, lawmakers. Meanwhile, government officials, lawmakers, fund agencies like USBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) every year, to the tune of billions. Campaigns to "defund" or cut funding to these agencies in recent years have failed, as funding to the Department of Homeland Security, which houses these agencies, has increased every year.

The U.S. government is an imperial, capitalist government. As such, it requires agencies like border patrol and immigration enforcement to control foreign labor flows into the U.S. and deport foreign born workers demanding political and workplace rights within.

Reforming such agencies conflicts with the U.S.'s class interests and nature. Only a farmers and workers government can end child trafficking, deportations and police brutality, once and for all.


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